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The N8tive Experience

N8TIVE is an exclusive, all-natural, and healthy food and beverage restaurant based in Accra’s Airport residential area (Nyaho Clinic road). N8tive offers healthy Ghanaian and Continental meals and snacks, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, a healthy and delicious range of salads, African aromatic teas, beverages, and many more, all in a unique and relaxing ambiance.

N8TIVE, believes that their customers must eat healthy for the body they want, so in that light, their vision is to be the preferred healthy alternative to junk food in Ghana. This passion to take special care of our customers by ensuring they eat right, in a soothing ambiance, with the right events, to rejuvenate their body, mind, and spirit makes it a unique place to eat.

N8TIVE is the place to choose for corporate meetings, daily meal sit-ins, and deliveries, cocktails, event bookings, old school association or club meetings, get-togethers, detour for a healthy meal after work or a relaxing escape from traffic stress, bachelorette parties, and all other special events.

N8TIVE also welcomes tourists and Diasporas to feel at home in our true African setting with some of Ghana’s best artwork for sale on our gallery walls, while enjoying a blend of our delicious meal offer.

Make it a point to pass by N8TIVE any time you come to the Airport residential area or when you visit Accra and let them give you a N8TIVE Akwaaba treat!

Enjoy 15% of your total bill as you enjoy the “the N8tive experience”  Don’t have the GUBA Diaspora Card? Visit to get yours now.

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