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Bosphorus is a restaurant serving traditional Turkish food, with a few nods to other international cuisines. Bosphorus is a unique and exciting restaurant that serves great food and gives you value for money. At Bosphorus, the essence of food is defined and made with so much love, therefore, makes the meals not just a meal but an experience that can be lived time and time again. The ambiance also gets customers to enjoy every bit of the Bosphorus experience Things start early in the day with the ‘Pasha’ breakfast, then move on to sandwiches, pittas, kebabs, and meat dishes. The restaurant itself has a large, covered patio area, as well as two floors of indoor seating where shisha pipes are available.
If you find yourself in Accra, then it is time to have an unforgettable experience with Bosphorus!
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The N8tive Experience

VISIT THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: Instagram: @bosphorus.accra
Facebook: Bosphorus Restaurant and café.

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