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Did you know that even with great skin it’s important to get a facial every 4 – 6 weeks? Some benefits include rejuvenating the skin, removing dead skin cells, improving hyperpigmentation and improving wrinkles. All these are important to increase elasticity over time and boost collagen production in the skin to help your skin look young, hydrated and plump.

Looking for a Charming and luxurious place for your facials and beauty care? STUDIO 7 is the perfect fit for hair, nails, lashes and male grooming.  This gorgeous beauty shop is attended to by fantastic people and you are sure to get the best in all things beauty.

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More exciting news! Studio 7 is a proud partner of the GUBA DIASPORA CARD so go on and enjoy great discounts of up to 10% on all services.

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Author: Claudia Andrews

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