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Stimuluz – The Technology Solution Providers

Stimuluz Technologies is a vibrant start-up made of highly talented and action-oriented Developers, Designers, Marketers, Project Managers and Business Executives.

Officially incorporated in 2015, the mission of Stimuluz is to “put their hearts in their Solutions for all Clients by creating an experience people love”. They guarantee provision of quality, accessible, sustainable and affordable IT solutions and services to individuals, firms and governments.

The core mandate of Stimuluz is to help great companies grow their revenues online. This is achieved by the team through the connection of art with technology and beauty with brains.

Services they provide include:

  1. Website Design – Their website design agency is fully committed to building for your business an aesthetically pleasing and engaging website that helps grow your business. They provide Website Design Consultancy, Responsive Website Design, and CMS Website Development Service to companies across all industries. Stimuluz also offer complete applications development solutions for individuals and companies. They deliver the customized system development based on the business requirement system which include: ERP, CRM, Inventory system, customer service system, billing systems, school management systems, hospital management systems, intranet portals, HR systems, payroll system and many more.
  2. UX Design and Corporate Branding – The team at Stimuluz Technologies design efficient and innovative user-centred solutions. They help and work with major brands during their digital transformation process, so they don’t have to worry about a thing. The entire process is covered. From project development, consultancy, defining the strategy, to launch, follow-ups and continual improvement. They design, create and manage brands to add value, improve positioning and promote clients business. As branding experts, Stimuluz combine strategy, creativity and innovation to generate unique and memorable brand experiences.
  3. Social Media and Content Marketing – Stimuluz connects with users, study, define strategy and generate visibility and knowledge of brands with solutions that are aimed at achieving the goals that have been set. The team works to get great results by putting users and the interests of the business at the centre of the strategy, and help your business keep up with the demands of creating relevant, insightful, useful content, as well as enable you to measure every click and conversion so you can make sure your efforts deliver the right results.

With Stimuluz Technologies, you are assured of: spectacular digital experiences; your budget in the best hands; a team of experts you can count on; a team that is not satisfied with “good enough” and above all, gaining deeper insights about your target market. As a proud partner of the GUBA Diaspora Card, Stimuluz offers a 15% discount on services to cardholders.

Over the past 4 years, Stimuluz has worked with over 15 companies and have successfully executed over 90 projects. If your business needs a new approach to generating attention, earning customer loyalty, and proving the value of your marketing investment, the preferred choice is Stimuluz Technologies.

For further information, contact Stimuluz on +233201585517 or send an email to

Visit their website and find out more about their world-class services by going to


Author: Claudia Andrews