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Pan and Cook: Accra’s preferred joint for mini pancake lovers.

To say that Pan and Cook’s focus is to transform Natural ingredients into fresh delicious quality food and beverages is true. That’s the essence of what they do – but it hardly tells the whole story.


Pan and Cook’s Mini Pancake recipe, to them, is – their “hero” and their “legacy”. For over 100 years, this recipe has been enjoyed behind closed doors of a family, who appreciates quality food and togetherness. In 2017, one of the family members called Win, decided to share this beautiful product and experience with his fellow Ghanaians. It all began with extensive classes with his then 90 year old grandmother. She took him and his partner Kyara, through what may have seemed like an exaggeration on details, but made them quickly realise, that the secret of her amazing product lied in those details.

So why the name Pan and Cook? This was cleverly derived through the transformation of the Dutch work “pannekoekinto an English expression – “Pan and Cook”, which literally means “panned cake” or “caked that has been panned” So basically, Pan and Cook stands for “Pan Cake”. Moreover, a good dish requires a good cook and a good pan. “Without good utensils, a chef cannot operate and without savoir-faire he cannot create delicious recipes”.

The mission of Pan and Cook is “to connect communities with little pleasures in life”. They are of the belief that the little pleasures in life are so important and we all need to disconnect for a brief moment from reality. That is why they pay close attention into making their products as natural and healthy as possible. Pan and Cook make sure everything they do is through the lens of humanity – from their commitment to the highest quality pancakes, to the way they engage with their customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Pan and Cook is a proud business partner of the GUBA Diaspora Card, offering 10% off purchases to all GUBA Diaspora cardholders. Grab a tasty bite of deliciously prepared mini-pancakes with a variety of toppings, smoothies and freshly hand pressed drinks at their main spot located on the 1st floor on the A&C Mall, East Legon or visit their second spot at Labone, close to Labone coffee shop.

PAN AND COOK, the little pleasures in life.

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