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Life Wellness Center – Live Well and Prosper

Life Wellness Wholistic Center offers Pranic Healing, meditation and energy medicine as part of their healing therapies and protocols. By learning simple energy techniques to keep energies balanced and humming, you can improve your health, sharpen your mind, and increase your joy and vitality.

Why choose them? The team at Life Wellness Wholistic take time to listen. Their practitioners schedule more time with their clients (45 minutes to an hour) than a typical doctor’s visit for a good reason; to truly understand their condition and assist with their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS) ‘’state of being’’ Healing takes time and Life Wellness Wholistic Center go the extra mile for their clients to achieve optimum health.

Life Wellness Wholistic Center also provides an in-depth wholistic assessment complemented with previous medical laboratory, diagnostic analysis and medical history of each client; they help their clients create the enabling environment to allow the body to treat the cause and not the symptoms of a health condition. Their services includes: a weight loss program; pain management and colon cleanse.

In addition, as part of their corporate social responsibility, Life Wellness Wholistic Center offers free Pranic Healing sessions on the last Thursday of every month at their facility located in Kokomlemle, Accra. Suffering from perplexing lifestyle ailments? Call and book an appointment with Life Wellness Center and enjoy a 10% discount off services using the GUBA Diaspora Card.

For further enquiries or session bookings, contact Life Wellness Wholistic Center on +233553556279 or send an email to

Visit their website and read more about their services by going to


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