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Azmera Restaurant: Home of Authentic Ghanaian Cuisine

Authentic and Traditional; these are the two words that will come to mind once you enter into Azmera Restaurant. This colourful establishment conveniently situated within the Roman Ridge vicinity, close to Kotoka International Airport and Dzorwulu, presents a dazzling array of local Ghanaian food. It is without a doubt the one stop venue for all the tasty Ghanaian dishes you want to enjoy.

Backed by her dream and burning passion for great customer service and undying love for Ghana, Akua Krobia Asante decided to create something that would make everyone fall in love with the Ghanaian culture. Ten years down the line, her restaurant has become a high class dining and catering service provider in the country.

Azmera is an exclusive and splendid addition to the chains of restaurants in Ghana. The idea is simple: provide a comfortable and unique place to escape from the stress of everyday life and enjoy fun – casual dining experience. Once you step into the one-level open space restaurant, you are effortlessly drawn to the authenticity and originality Azmera exhibits. The touch of African wax print as furniture coverings, curtains and ceiling covers and traditional cooking equipment really takes you back and stirs up a nostalgic feeling. There is also a beautiful blend of traditional and modern food cooking and serving techniques which gives the restaurant a homely feel.

When it comes to Azmera’s menu, you will be blown away as it is quite difficult to find a huge collection of Ghanaian dishes in one place. It is the place to try something new and far from the usual. As a buffet restaurant, the food on their menu is tantalizing to say the least. “Azmera Specials” comes with the following dishes: Gari Fotor (Gari Mixed in tomato stew, served in beans, sardines, fried plantain, and avocados); Fufu and Abunuabunu (Plantain or cocoyam mixed with cassava fufu served with green kontimire soup with dryfish, snail, grasscutter, mushrooms, sliced okra and garden eggs); Azmera Waakye (Rice and beans served with fish, eggs, beef, gari, spaghetti and wele, black pepper and tomato stew); Aprapransa (Roasted corn powder cooked with palm nut soup serviced with red beans, crab and dry fish); Azmera Ghana Jollof (Jollof rice served with grilled chicken or fried fish wrapped in waakye leaves); Ampesi and Asanka Kontomire (boiled plantain with cocoyam leaves stew served in an earthenware bowl); Red Red (Fried Ripe plantains with beans stew served with gari and fish or chicken); Tatale and Aboboi (Ripe plantain pancakes served with bambara beans, brown sugar and white sugar); Banku and Okro Stew (Corn or Millet banku served with okro stew ,crabs, tuna, salmon, wele and salted beef);  Etor (Mashed plantain or Yam served with salted fish, eggs,  avocado, roasted peanuts and palm oil);  Azmera Fried Yam / Sweet Potato served with sardines , fried fish, grilled tilapia or grilled chicken with red pepper , green pepper and shito (Black pepper Sauce). The restaurant’s menu also presents a large selection of soups, stews and side dishes. If you feel like trying something new, you can also go in for their special Millet Banku, made from pure millet and cassava dough which blends excellently with their aromatic and delicious okro soup. As traditional restaurant, Azmera specializes in serving its customers with traditional Ghanaian drinks such as Asaana (Corn wine), Sobolo (Bisap Juice), lamugin (Millet drink), Palm Wine and Watermelon juice. As a proud partner of the GUBA Diaspora card, Azmera gives cardholders an amazing 15% discount off their menu.


Aside the delicious food and the fantastic ambience, Azmera restaurant is noted for ensuring product improvement and quality service. It comes as no surprise that the restaurant has won several local and international awards since its establishment in 2009. Azmera is really a great place to take tourists, family who live abroad or when you live right here in Ghana but want to feast on the best of local Ghanaian dishes that have the homemade taste.


For bookings or further enquiries, contact Azmera Restaurant on +233 268 029 966 / +233 302 277 606 or send an email to

You can also make reserve or book your table or find out more about Azmera by going to their website:


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