GUBA Diaspora Card

The GUBA Diaspora Card is a unique card that offers discounts to individuals on goods and services. The card give users exclusive deals and reduced rates to GUBA events, goods and services, provided by affiliate and business partners of GUBA Enterprise.

The GUBA Diaspora card can also be used as a pre-paid visa card. Partnered with Access Bank, it offers you convenience on all payment platforms. Card holders can load their Visa Prepaid Cards using Internet Banking, Access Mobile App, *901# and cash deposit at the Banking Hall. Card holders can also load from the internet banking platforms of any competitor banks.


How It Works

The card will be used to conduct transactions of various kinds on different platforms for discounts on goods and services patronized by the user. A card holder would go through the following steps in order to use the card
Step 1

The customer hands the GUBA Diaspora Card to the merchant.

Step 2

The Card is authenticated by the merchant by capturing the unique bar code information on the Card.

Step 3

The transaction is submitted once the GUBA Card barcode is verified.

Step 4

The card user is issued a discount on goods and services following authentication by the merchant and authorization by the card holder.

Up to 40% Discount on goods and Services

The GUBA Diaspora Card is for everyone living or visiting Ghana. The GUBA Diaspora card can also be used as a pre-paid visa card via access bank, offering you convenience on all payment platforms! With the GUBA Diaspora card, you get to Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana, See Ghana and Enjoy Ghana. Application is safe, secure, and valuable! GUBA Diaspora Card, the best travelling companion to Ghana.

GUBA Card Benefits

With the GUBA Diaspora Card, you are guaranteed


Payments will be recognized and charges accurately applied.


Access to exclusive and quality goods and services at affordable rates.


Your information will be kept safe under the strictest compliance strategies.


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